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Yoga  Training In Rishikesh


Yoga is a very common word in modern time. But with the popularity of yoga in the west and east, adulteration in authentic yoga teaching has also started. here we are going to tell you something about yoga training in Rishikesh

People have modified authentic yoga teaching in their way only for marketing it as a brand new product.

Hence, before starting the spiritual journey through yoga course, so many questions and doubts hit students’mind. They really do not know what will happen during the course.

Will the course fulfill their objective or not. How are their fellows in school?

What about food or teaching methodology?

The knowledge on the school’s website gives a little clue but not sufficient on the practical ground.

So just to furnish more details about yoga course and school, let us read details to have almost all doubts clear and to remove confusion.

The Divine Yoga School


The yoga teacher training takes place at Divine Yoga School, Rishikesh (India).

Rishikesh is a very old and small town on the bank of holy river Ganga, surrounded by lush green forest.

On the other side, The Himalayas gives it a beautiful look and make everyone feel positive vibrations for relaxing the mind.

The Divine Yoga school is committed to impart real and authentic teachings.

Yoga handed down by the great sages and saints of the past through Guru and disciples tradition.

The purpose of education at school is to help mankind become free from mental and physical limitations.

The awakening through the wisdom of yoga teaching gives students a first hand and never forgettable experience for bliss and happiness.

Accommodation In Divine Yoga School

Divine Yoga School provides a very cozy and peaceful stay for all students in a nearby guest house on Laxman Jhula Road, Rishikesh.

Stay in the natural surroundings of beautiful mountains and green forests relax and rejuvenate their mind so that they can prepare themselves for the next day activities.

The Food during Yoga Teacher Training

The food at Divine Yoga School during Yoga Teacher Training is amazing.

Students during their yoga teacher training enjoy their meals at nearby local restaurants where food is fresh and delicious.

Food is satwik (pure) in nature that is the first requirement for keeping mind and body healthy and happy.

Morning always starts with green or lemon with ginger tea that energizes and cleanses the body. Breakfast includes porridge, fresh fruits, and tea.

Lunch has a pulse, salad, chapatti, vegetables.

Dinner is always light to keep the stomach healthy including seasonal vegetables, salad, chapatti, and soup.

The Teachers Of Divine Yoga School

Divine Yoga School has 4 or 5 teachers for different subjects. All the teachers are highly educated and experienced in their particular subjects.

Divine yoga school teachers are always passionate to teach students.

To empower them with scientific and practical knowledge that works wonder in their lives.

The way they deal with students is unique and result oriented.

Therefore, Students are happy sharing their experience and queries with them as queries are solved then and there with utmost love and care.

In the school, teachers and students are like family members always interacting in and out of class for

The Schedule Of Yoga Training

During yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, the teaching schedule is a little tight that continues from 6 am to 8.30 pm with some frequent rests in the day.

There are 6 classes for a different subject to cover asana, pranayama, yoga philosophy, anatomy, adjustment & alignments, and meditation.

It is certainly intense, but a life-changing experience, roller-coaster of emotions for the entire month.

Sometimes, feeling immensely connected to body, nature and the world around.

Other days, a little frustration overpowers.

Finally, till the end of the month, life is absolutely changed through transformational practical knowledge that helps one to see the things as they are.

On the completion of course, the day is very emotional that sometimes brings tears in student’s eyes for leaving the family they lived for 28 days.

All the students and teachers have mixed feelings but happy to see the students going back in their world with a positive attitude to help themselves and society.

Excursion Importance In Yoga Training In Rishikesh

Every Sunday morning, students start for local sightseeing in the radius of 30 km.

The worth seeing places are Kunjapuri temple in the Himalayas.

Sage Vasistha cave in the mountains, Beetles Ashram, International Ganga Arti, Shivananda Ashram, etc.

Excursion being a part of yoga teacher training provides an opportunity for students to know Indian culture and meet locals.

The beauty of sunrise experienced from Kunjapuri temple is unforgettable.

The silence of mediation in Vasistha cave gives a life-changing experience that students always remember even after the completion of course.

The photo shoot on such places become never forgetting a memory that always inspires them to come again to experience spirituality for joy and bliss in life.


Effect on Yoga Students


A most important part of yoga teacher training is the effect through theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga that lasts forever, becoming a part of their personality.

Yoga course entirely changes their outlook towards life.

They have a deep understanding of the challenges of daily life.

The solutions through practical and scientific yoga wisdom.

Therefore, Such students help others also to work on their body and mind to make this earth a better living place with more balance and joy.

Om, May All become Happy!
Om Peace, Peace, Peace!

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