Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh (India)


Here We are going to tell you about the prospects of Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

India is a land of seers and saints, known for thousands of years for its spirituality and religion taken from ancient Vedas.

The scientific spirituality practiced in India attracts people from all over the world.  People surprisingly come from all over the world to know the versatile culture and life-changing spirituality of India.


Rishikesh is one of the famous places in India where people feel the vibes of Yoga and Meditation.

The valley is on the bank of holy Ganga and surrounded by the Himalayas.

Beautiful pictures quake, Temple, forest and bridges, old ashrams. The ringing of bells, Kirtan on the bank of Mother Ganga river and energy of Himalaya in Rishikesh leave a long lasting impression on all Indian and foreign tourists.

Yoga in Rishikesh:

The origin of yoga is over 5000 years in India. Saints of ancient times used to practice yoga on the Himalayas and other destinations quite far from the noisy and busy places.

Hence Rishikesh is also a well-known place for yoga on the world’s map.

There are many old ashrams in Rishikesh where sadhakas (spiritual practitioner) stay to learn and assimilate yoga in their lives.

Divine Yoga School:

Among some schools and ashrams, Divine Yoga School is also a place which is dedicated to its mission to impart yoga knowledge to all without any distinction.

Divine Yoga School is near Laxman Jhula (bridge) in Rishikesh where students from all over the world . come to have a life changing experience through theoretical and practical knowledge of yoga.

Divine Yoga School has designed its specialized 200 hours and 300 hours certified course with Yoga Alliance, the USA in such a manner that it serves all students’ purpose and need.

The course helps them to know the fundamental principles of a healthy and happy life.

During the Yoga Teacher Training in India, Experienced teachers of school interact with students and clear their concept of different subjects as Yoga and our life, Human Anatomy, Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Postures for physical health, Breathing techniques and Meditation.

In-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of all subjects changes the outlook of students to their life entirely. They become capable of under the problems of life and how to overcome them for a happy and balanced life.

What makes Divine Yoga School Unique?

Feel at home:

Divine yoga school believes in ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ The whole world is a family”.

All the students in a school live together without any difference of nationality, gender, belief, and social status etc.

They discuss their learning and enjoy their time together in a constructive way that teaches them to live with patience and how to co-operate with others.

Quality Teaching:

“True knowledge is the real source of happiness. It dispels all darkness and leads to light”

Divine yoga school is dedicated to its mission to help the people to live a happy and healthy life by providing true and authentic knowledge of spirituality.

All the teachers in the school are highly educated and experienced. They guide students on how to overcome the physical and mental limitations that deter their path of growth and happiness.

Teachers are always with a never-failing smile on their face that motivates students to live happily.

They talk to students friendly and empower them to solve the problems of their lives in the light of yoga.

Comfortable stay:

Divine yoga school is a renowned name in the field of yoga teacher training in Rishikesh has its tie-up with renowned ashrams and resorts to give students different feelings. Stay at those places is very cozy that it gives them a home feeling.

The management and working staff at this destination is very loving and caring, always ready to help students in their need.

Accommodations are very hygienic and full of natural beauty that charge students to stay positive throughout the course.

Students avail all basic facilities like Wi-Fi, filtered water, Library, Ayurveda massage etc.


Indian is a land of festivals that gives the message of brotherhood to mankind.

People celebrate festivals with great joys here. At Divine Yoga School in Rishikesh, all the teacher and students also assemble to celebrate festivals together so that life can be more joyful.

Everyone cherish unforgettable memories and transforming teachings during the stay at the school.

Fun on Sundays:

Relax mind is the first requirement to be happy. On Sunday, all students go to different places to relax and enjoy their life.

These places are full of positive vibrations, immediately brings the mind to meditative states.

Kunjapuri temple on the Himalayas, Vashistha cave, Betel ashram, and Shivananda ashram are some renowned names where people come to see them.

Visit these places connect students to the teachings and lifestyle of great sages of the past.


Food has a direct influence on body and mind. As we eat, we become. Divine Yoga School provides 3 times Satwik (pure) meals made from fresh and seasonal vegetables.

The Satwik food keeps students mentally and physically healthy that is the first requirement to live in the material world and for spiritual experience also.

The food here is delicious and simple that is soothing to everyone. Morning of students starts with healthy breakfast with milk and fruits.

In lunch, chapatti, pulse, vegetables, and salad are served as a complete diet. For dinner, there is light and tasty food. In between meals, students enjoy herbal tea.

Daily Schedule:

Although daily routine in school is a bit tight as there are 5 subjects covered in 6 classes. But students enjoy the classes as they are quite interactive and related to life practically.

Students discuss subjects with their friends that deepen their understanding, making a class more interesting.

Teaching Methodology:

Teaching in school is imparting with an easy and practical approach that makes the whole atmosphere light.

The teachers are highly knowledgeable and know the right approach to transfer learning that opens new dimensions of life for students.

Students learn about Yoga postures, Pranayama, Meditation, Human anatomy. Yoga philosophy and adjustment and alignment of yoga asana.

The evening class gives students an insight into yoga posture as to how to avoid injury while doing yoga.

The class is specially designed to provide in-depth knowledge to know body types .  how to work different postures with an understanding of the functions of muscles and joints to move in and out of yogasana.

Finally, I would like to say that the teacher and students have a long-lasting connection. It is not just a Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh.

It is a complete holistic living program that requires bondage based on mutual understanding, love, and care.

To help mankind is our main objective so that we all can live a happy and healthy life and help others to make this world a better living place.

Om, May All become Happy!
Om Peace, Peace, Peace!



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