Yogic Cleansing Practices

Yoga Cleansing Practices


In This Blog, we are going to talk about Yoga Cleansing Practices

In yoga, purification of body and mind is critical.

Spiritual progress is possible when the practitioner removes mental and physical toxins so that there is energy flow in the physical and subtle body for the balance between mind and body.


One of the problems is Sinus that is caused by the obstruction in the nasal passage.

In yoga there are Shatkarmas taught in Divine Yoga School, Rishikesh. One of 6 cleansing practices is called Neti (nasal cleansing).

You will find 3 Forms of Neti as mentioned below.

1. Jala Neti (Nasal Cleansing with water)
2. Sutra Neti with a soaked thread
3. Ghrita Neti with Ghee (Butter)

Neti and its consequences

Jala Neti could be your cleaning of this nasal passage utilizing salt water.

This kriya enables the nasal passage liberated of blockage resulting in the unnoticed journey of the atmosphere.

With practice, the individual will experience some fantastic benefits.

The added benefits of Jal Neti is that it increases resistance to viral and bacterial infection and is less cold and cough.

It is also helpful in serious ailments such as tuberculosis and asthma.

A small kettle having a nozzle is employed at Jal Neti.

This pot should be filled with clean, lukewarm salty water.

The kettle is created from ceramic which doesn’t react with salty H20 or brass.

The water has been poured in the left nostril. Then the mind is tilted so that water will come out from this right nostril.

The method could be reversed through which the water is set in the suitable nostril and made to emerge out of their left nostril.



yama and niyama

Only one teaspoon of salt needs to be dissolved in one Liter of water.

It makes the h2o isotonic, and it moves freely through the rectal passage without being consumed.

The water cleans the also the blood vessels and also the nasal passage is stimulated.

Consequences of Jal Neti —

Some of these ramifications of Jala Neti are:

Stimulates nerves in face and nose and also the brain that increases the flow of blood into the face.

Help activate the lymph nodes at the nasal region. Nodes are equally vital for the healthy secretion of mucus for safeguarding the nose against dust and pollution.

Elevated the flow of blood into the cranial muscles helps fortify muscles.

Soothes mental performance leading to a decrease in strain and stress brought on by pollution and unwarranted thoughts.

Opens and balances the pranic channel since it helps from the increased stream of prana (air) into the lungs.

You can find various additional methods of why Neti like the sutra Neti by which there can be a series that is damply utilized to wash the nasal passage.

Sutra Neti-

There is a cotton cord used. The cable is inserted to the outside of the mouth and one nostril.

The cord is then slowly taken in the directions alternately to clean out the nasal passage.

Sutra Neti is more technical than Jal Neti and should only be used if Jal Neti isn’t able to clean the congestion from the nasal passage.

It is beneficial for individuals using an obstruction in the location.

Sometimes ghee or milk might be utilized to do Neti. These sorts have a good effect on them. But, they ought to be practised under the advice of an experienced Yoga teacher.

Yoga Cleansing Practices
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Yoga Cleansing Practices
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