AYURVEDA : The Science Of Holistic Living


The Science Of Holistic Living




Sometimes we are in a fix, thinking about how to live a healthy life because life is undergoing a drastic change day by day. Internal and external pressure is increasing.

Hence stress, anxiety, hypertension, and other physical and mental problems are very common.  In such situations, life is full of frustration resulting in anger; conflict appears in our interaction with others.

If you feel more or less same, just stop for a moment and think for short while “is there any permanent solution that will help to make life more balanced and happy?’.  Certainly Yes.

Down the story, we are going to tell you about The Importance of Ayurveda In Life.

The solution lies in coming back to our true nature with the help of ancient natural science of living, called Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old system originated in Vedic Culture of India.

The knowledge of Ayurveda was discovered by the saints and seers of India by means of religious practices and disciplined life aiming for self-realization.

It is much more than a system of treating illness, this is a science of life and a natural healing system, to stay vital in a natural way while realizing full human potential.

Ayurveda guides as of how to maintain daily routine, diet, behavior and the proper use of our senses, Ayurveda reminds us that we can remain mentally and physically healthy by striking the balance between our environment, body, mind, and spirit.

Knowledge of Ayurveda is derived from four ancient Vedas, handed down to disciples by sages and saints devoted to spirituality for the realization of truth. Vedas are four in number.

They are the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda, and the Atharva Veda. They are the source of knowledge, covering all the aspects of life, guiding how to live a balanced and healthy life.

Classification of our personality in Ayurveda:

To start living in Ayurveda way, we need to know our personality or our Prakriti. Prakruti is the mental and physical constitution of a person. This is categorized into 3 doshas(biological energies found in body and mind.

The three doshas in an individual decide his mental and physical makeup which are responsible for creating the urges for the liking of food, emotions as fear, anger, greed, understanding, compassion, love and existence.

These three doshas are the foundation of psychosomatic existence of human being.

  1. Vata – qualities reflecting the elements of space and air.
  2. Pitta – qualities reflecting the elements of fire and water.
  3. Kapha –qualities reflecting the elements of earth and water.


Knowing Personality Type: 

  1. Vata: Movement, Natural urges, fear, emptiness, anxiety

Physical Characteristics –

Generally, thinly built, smaller bones, difficult to put on body weight easily, dry and rough skin and hair, intolerance to cold and dry weather and voice is weak

Mental Characteristics – 

Quick mental understanding but forgetful, little tolerance, weak reasoning, nervous, fearful.

  1. Pitta is the energy force which looks after metabolic activities, like digestive fire, body temperatures and absorption of nutrients.

Physical Characteristics –

Moderate built, athletic, versatile in putting on weight, premature graying of hair, commanding voice, loose bowels, strong metabolism and high appetite, intolerance to hot climate.

Mental Characteristics – 

Hardworking and driven when they are in balance otherwise aggressive and impatient when they are not.


controls the growth of the body and is considered a nourishing dosha.

Physical Characteristics – 

Well built, strong and broad chest, fatty physique, Strong and dark hair, white strong nails, soft and oily skin, poor appetite, and sweet voice, intolerance to cold and damp climates.

Mental Characteristics – 

Good temper, Calm, forgiving and loving, easy going, strong beliefs, and good sleep, lazy and calm, slow and definite comprehension.

Balancing 3 dosha keeps you in tune to your natural rhythms and fit physically and mentally. So it is sure that the importance of dosha not to be ignored.

By balancing the dosha successfully, you can have a healthier lifestyle, managing your daily life, stress, and relationship efficiently.

Ayurveda Lifestyle Tips:

Food –

Ayurveda recommends a Yogic diet, concerned with the Sattva Guna or purity out of three Gunas (Sattva, Rajas, Tamas) A Satwik diet easily digest and keep the body supple and healthy.

Diet also affects the mind. As we eat, we become. So our diet must include fresh fruits, lentils, green and leafy vegetables, cow milk etc.

Avoid frozen and packed food items as they contain various preservatives and are harder to digest, thus producing toxins.

Water –

Water is a very good source to remove toxins from the body hence Keep yourself hydrated all the time.

Drinking fresh water of normal temperature at regular intervals helps digestion, removes toxins and also maintains normal body rhythms.

Place –

Always eat in a peaceful place where one feels connected to himself and mind is relaxed and calm. Place plays an important role to change the mind. A calm and natural help to have a healthy mood.

Yoga and Meditation–

Start your day with simple warm up and joint movement exercise and some rounds of Sun-salutation according to your capacity.

Pranayama and Meditation for some time after asana practice and finally do Meditation at least for 10 minutes by closing your eyes and focusing on your breath.

Meditation practice will improve your concentrate; keep your mind relaxed for dealing with the challenges of life. This way, you will conquer stress, increase positivity and sense of well-being.

Early starting of the day –

Our Morning depends on the night so set your bedtime around 9.30 pm or 10.00 pm on a regular basis. This will give you enough rest for 7 to 8 hours to start your day in natural surroundings that will charge you to start your days with more bliss and energy.

Love your body –

No one can ignore the importance of the human body. It is unique in term of its functions and skills. So take care of the body by good and relaxing herbal body massage, proper cleaning of teeth, nails, and hair and oiling hair routine will help to maintain a natural, healthy and radiant look and uplift your mood by removing stress and anxiety.

Accept the Reality-

Most of the time; we suffer in our life as we do not accept the law of nature. The mind wants to control everything while it is not possible because the mind is also a product of Nature.

So we should be ready to accept Sorrow and suffering with equanimity and try to improve the quality of life through the proper understanding of knowledge of Veda for a balanced and happy life in all ups and downs.


Ayurveda is not only the treatment of physical illness but it embraces you as whole, Mind, Body, and Spirit. So living in Ayurveda way, you can feel a higher level of energy, with healthy body and mind that will enable you to overcome the challenges of daily life, giving your more joy and peace for holistic living.




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