Celebrations at Divine Yoga School

Celebrations at Divine Yoga School


Divine Yoga School provides the yoga teacher training in Rishikesh and also known for the celebrations of a different culture.

Festivals play an important role in our life. They add joy to life, removing the tension and pressure of life.

Festivals give the message to all live together in harmony and peace to achieve its purpose. Divine Yoga School welcomes and respect festivals of all religions.

Hence all teacher and students celebrate festivals together with joy and love that strengthen their relations. The atmosphere on the festivals becomes beautiful, energizing everybody to live a happy and harmonious life.

This occasion releases the pressure and tensions of life and fills us with joy and peace. The broken hearts are energized on these festivals to live a purposeful and happy life. They look forwards towards their life with new hopes.

Students give wholehearted participation for the preparation of Birthdays and festivals. Their contribution to the school is really praiseworthy and gives a message of love and harmony.

The main festivals are Diwali, Holi, Christmas Day, Guru Poornima, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami etc. All the students look very attractive in the different dress on these occasions that makes them happy and playful.

Students give their whole contribution in preparations of festivals. They make colorful rangoli (design) on the floor and decorate buildings with mango tree leaves that are a sign of purity in our life.

In the evening, celebrations end with prayer and delicious dinner. Students cherish this unforgettable experience forever and memory of these events bring a smile on their face whenever they miss Divine Yoga School, Rishikesh.


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