Building Yoga Teacher As Your Career

Why Building Yoga Teacher As Your Career

We are now living in a world where people face a high competitive life that causes mental and physical health risks.

Most of the people are not aware of how to live life in balance.

As a result, the ratio of overall health risk is on the rise. A large number of generations in big cities are suffering from psychosomatic disease caused by stressful living.

Yoga Teacher As Your Career

Yoga Teacher as Your Career

Mostly experts that were discussing their own knowledge about the art and science of yoga and meditation are now known as yogis or Yoga Teachers.

With the increase in trustworthiness of holistic and alternative healthcare, a great deal of burden continues to be given to yoga instructors and so it has resulted in becoming a wonderful career alternative.

Yoga is a natural means of remaining healthy and fit, and also an old art. It also helps in enhancing mental wellbeing. Curing problems is educated as a member of their program.

An essential portion of yoga and meditation is training physical exercises (asanas) and breathing exercises (Pranayam) along with the yoga wisdom for healthy and happy living.

Due to gradually getting aware of the benefits of yoga, people are more excited to learn yoga for self benefits and to work as a yoga teacher over the worldwide platform.


Yoga Instructor as Career Scope

Predicated on the Yoga practice you have received, it is possible to decide on the area of training research or functions like a rehab therapist.

You may seek out work at hotels, schools, spas, health centers, housing societies, and large associations.

Television stations also seek the services of Yoga coaches, and famous personalities want to seek the services of Personal Yoga instructors.

Self-employment can be an alternative. A good stress buster, yoga is currently gaining ground among the ever-increasing number of tourists that search tranquil vacations, contributing to the requirement for Yoga experts.

That is no dearth of extent for those people in this noble vocation.


My Personal Experience as a Yoga Teacher Carrer 

I wish to share my real personal experience that may relate to your life situation.



I have been in corporate jobs for around more than 10 years. During the job, money was sufficient but office politics and disturbance of work-life balance was really terrible.

Corporate jobs give you money for your time and hard work. You need to think hundreds of times to take your family out of the city for pastime.

So finally I gave up everything in 2012 to start my career for growth and peace and chose Yoga my life long career.

But this was not as easy as it seems. The whole family was against me for my decision to leave the high paid white-collar job. I suffered a lot emotionally and financially.


In 2012 I came to Rishikesh (India) without any acquaintance here. I tried many yoga schools to find a job for my survival but nothing worked.

Finally, I contacted some computer educational institutes to teach English Communication to the students who wanted to face interviews for employment in corporate sectors.

I was lucky to find the opportunity to support me for my stay in an unknown city.


Gradually I learned yoga and other subjects in different yoga schools and under the guidance of some renowned yoga teachers.

With the help of contacts of likeminded yoga people, I got the job as a yoga teacher and continued my yoga journey still on.


Are you also passionate about Yoga?

To start a new career is full of challenges.

You need to ask yourself many times what makes you choose yoga.

Certainly, after a lot of analysis and research, you can find a valid reason to make it your niche.

This way you will connect your goal to the happiness and contentment in your life and stay motivated in tough times.

If you have done enough homework and ready to embark on the journey of yoga, please get ready to take the following steps:


  1. Develop a regular practice


Before flying off to your desired destination for learning yoga, start reading the reference books on the subject and practice at home that will strengthen your base.

Your daily yoga practice will provide your basic knowledge of what you are going to learn.

You can find out some reference books through internet research about yoga schools, offering yoga teacher training course


The Key to Make a Successful Yoga Teacher As Your Career is a Regular and Dedicated Practice.


It’s very important that you start your career with the fundamental knowledge well in advance that will help you to make a strong base for deeper understanding in class without any confusion.

Preparation in advance will work even in your professional life; otherwise, your students will intuitively feel your lack of personal dedication.

Once you have established a regular practice, you will be more interested in a desire to go deeper. This is a good sign you’re ready to take the next step and do the yoga teacher training.



  1. Sign up for Yoga Teacher Training Course


Make a list of yoga teacher training schools that offer an intensive yoga teacher training course.

There are different courses from beginner to advance level as a 200-hour yoga teacher training course, 300-hour yoga teacher training course and the advance level 500 hour yoga teacher training course.

Professional training will help you to gain practical knowledge as to how to teach students from different culture and background.

You need to understand both the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga that will give you the confidence to become a yoga teacher.


Always maintain your notes during each class that will guide you to excel in your career after you complete your course.

Theory class will know the practice you wish to show at. I strongly urge to young, tough teachers that they try to anyone with the openness to stick throughout the difficult moments may construct the yoga livelihood of their own dreams.

I’m also convinced that you do not will need to fit the mold of what a yoga-teacher is supposed to appear like.

You won’t need to be younger, attractive, and elastic.

You do, however, need to become more creative, flexible, and also intensely determined to function the others.


  1. Commit to Learning


You will test your passion for learning only when you attend the class.

Daily schedule in yoga teacher training is very busy as you will attend around six classes every day.

You need to keep patience and do not let your passion down even when your mood sometimes fluctuates.

Consistency in learning will prove as a reward on the last day of your course.

The seriousness of efforts during a course will pay a long-lasting reward in your real life.


  1. Build Your Network


It can be tougher at first, but your attitude will help you to connect to others.

Knowledge sharing with classmates and teachers will help to develop a strong connection.

You must use social medial also to make your presence felt among others.

The professional network will help you to find an opportunity to start your career somewhere.

Moreover, you will find some people who want to achieve mental and physical health.

This way, you will build a network that supports you to stand in the field of yoga.

  1. Find Teaching Opportunity


Like many people, I started my yoga career without consideration of money.

The focus was just to find a class to teach for practical teaching experience.

Remember “teaching comes by teaching”. Hence have a good command on the subject you wish to teach.

Talk to different organizations to teach without consideration of your salary.

After 3 or 4 months, you will gain confidence in the art of teaching and your exposure will create your demand.

To begin Yoga Teacher As your career as a volunteer or an assistant teacher is a good decision.


  1. Organize Short Term Retreats


Teach in your area Successful careers in yoga. Make sure you are specialized in normal exercise.

Your daily yoga practice will forever function to test you as a teacher to prove how connected you are to your passion.

You need to become more creative, adaptable, and also deeply ascertained to function others.

Spend a great deal of time refining your niche and how this translates in your instruction mode.




  1. Gradually Increase Your Earnings.


Nobody becomes wealthy overnight. There are a few tips that can work out as mentioned below:


  • Create a specialized niche for yourself.
  • Expand your knowledge each day.
  •  Make connections with students by helping them to overcome their physical and mental barrier.
  • Offer private classes Work on self-branding.
  • Get advance certificates to keep updated to the latest trends of the market.


Building yoga teacher as your career typically will take at the least 2-3 years at least of reliable effort.

However, you should have lots of small victories to motivate you to go ahead.

I often see young instructors becoming annoyed since they desire to buy to take place more quickly. It nearly never does.

It is necessary to celebrate the small wins but prepare for the long run.

Yoga is an option which perhaps not just gets you precisely the necessary job outside but additionally calms you.

Yoga is the most ordinary methods of retaining the human body fit and in shape.

It is a thing which has spread its wings.

This natural system which began as back as three thousand years ago has been maximizing about its gains and making a difference for the majority of people and putting up with them with wellbeing insurance and happiness.

Yoga Teacher As Your Career
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